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Downside Primary School





At Downside, we have an ambitious science curriculum that ensures our children leave us thinking like scientists, curious about the natural world and able to make evidence-based, informed decisions. We teach the big concepts in each discipline reinforced through children carrying out a wide range of practical investigations thus ensuring they are ready for the next stage in their education. We ensure our teaching is linked to real world solutions and problems to inspire our children to become the next generation of scientists.




Why Teach Science?

At Downside we believe that science is of fundamental importance for several reasons:

  • Many scientific discoveries and science-based inventions shape our lives and will continue to do so in the future,making an understanding of science important for an understanding of the world.
  • As science continues to develop, capturing pupils’ interest and encouraging an early love of the subject at Primary School provides them with the opportunity to move towards science-linked employment in the future.
  • Developing an understanding of the natural world enables pupils to develop an interest in the planet on which we live. As children begin to recognise the many challenges it faces (E.g. the impact of climate change on polar regions and the impact of littering on the local area) they are better equipped to make informed choices both big and small in caring for and improving the environment.
  • Understanding the workings of the human body enables pupils to make informed choices regarding lifestyle.
  • Developing an evidence-based approach and learning to think carefully about data, moves pupils towards developing critical thinking skills that can be applied across their lives.

We also believe that the skills learnt through collaborating on practical tasks equip pupils for the future.

In addition, science can both fascinate and amaze, developing curiosity and providing opportunities to experience the joy of finding things out.  

Click on the links below to find out more about science at Downside Primary and also the notable scientists of the past and present that inspire our children.


 Science Club

Downside children are given the opportunity to join a weekly science  club that looks at a range of scientific issues and where the children can develop their love of science further.