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Downside Primary School

Phonics Information

At Downside Primary, we follow the Read Write Inc scheme for Phonics. 

This starts in Reception and children remain on the programme until they complete the scheme in Year 2. Early reading, spelling and handwriting are taught through daily Speed Sounds lessons.

We will assign Read Write Inc books online that children can practise reading at home. They start with simple ‘sound blending books’ and move on to the coloured books, which will match the sounds that they have learnt in school. 


 Read, Write Inc Lessons 

Children are taught to read and write letters using special rhymes.


 Then we practise reading by sounding out each letter in a word.


 How can you help your child?

  • Spend time supporting your child with their phonics homework - check which sounds they know and which sounds they need more practise with.
  • If they are struggling spend a few minutes each day recapping the sounds they have already learnt - remember they are in their Read Write Inc phonics books.
  • Practise writing the sounds.
  • Practise reading and writing ‘cvc’ words- please only get them to read and write words with the sounds they have already learnt.
  • Practise recognising tricky words.
  • Read their online phonics book with them, to improve their blending skills.

Find out more:

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Ruth Miskin Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/miskin.education